Coming up 3-5 May!! Spotlight Koh Tao 2024 at Aow Leuk


We’ve chosen the theme of SO Koh Tao for our reopening campaign. There are a number of SO Koh Tao images in the resource pack, and we’d love for you to get involved and help us spread the word that Koh Tao is Safe and Open. SO Koh Tao!

It’s not just about being Safe and Open though. We want to use this tagline going forward as a way to build up a positive image of the island on social media. After all, how many times have we all said ‘that’s so Koh Tao’ at one point or another?

We invite all business owners and island locals to jump on the #SoKohTao campaign with us, and help get the island trending. A few examples to get you thinking:

  • Scuba diving is #SoKohTao
  • Beautiful beaches are #SoKohTao
  • Fine dining is #SoKohTao
    Stunning sunsets are #SoKohTao
  • Villa life is #SoKohTao
  • Making friends with a beach dog is #SoKohTao


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