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Koh Tao Travel Requirements

Find up-to-date information on visa information and travel requirements for your trip to Koh Tao here.

It can sometimes be hard to find accurate information, as the rules and regulations are subject to changes and updates without prior notification. For this reason, we recommend you research your options thoroughly before you travel. However, here is a list of basic information that may help with your planning. 

HTMS Sattakut Wreck | Koh Tao Tourism Association
HTMS Sattakut
Sunset Sairee Beach | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Koh Tao Sunset
Sairee Beach

Visa Requirements for Koh Tao

Visa options are not universal. Possibilities for travelers from different countries will vary based on the agreements between Thailand and their native homeland. We strongly recommend you contact your local Thai Embassy to discuss your options and organize your visa well ahead of your trip to Koh Tao. 

Short-term tourist visas are available on arrival for many visitors, but you are generally required to finalize your arrangements in advance for longer-term visas. A list of all possible visa options include:

Koh Ngan Yuan Viewpoint | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Koh Ngan Yuan Viewpoint
  • Visa on arrival 
  • Single entry tourist visa 
  • Multiple entry tourist visa
  • Education visa
  • Volunteer visa
  • Retirement visa
  • Elite visa
  • Spousal visa
  • Business visa
  • SMART visa
  • Medical treatment visa 

Recommended Vaccinations for Koh Tao

You should consult your doctor when planning any holiday to ensure you are up to date with routine vaccinations and have any additional jabs you need. That said, here is a summary of the main inoculations to consider before your trip to Koh Tao.


The COVID-19 specific requirements for visiting Koh Tao are subject to frequent change. Please click here for the most up-to-date information and guidance.

Other Vaccinations

Doctors typically recommend that trips to Koh Tao and other Thailand destinations include making sure you are up to date for:

      • Hepatitis A
      • Typhoid
      • Tetanus

Depending on where else you go in Thailand after your Koh Tao trip, you may also want to research and consider jabs or preventative medication for:

      • Rabies
      • Malaria
      • Hepatitis B
      • Japanese Encephalitis
      • Tuberculosis
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Samui +

The Samui Plus program launched on July 15th, meaning visitors need only stay on Koh Samui for the first 7 days of their holiday. After this, they are free to travel to Koh Tao. You can find more information about the process, who it applies to, and how it works on the infographics below. As travel recommendations are subject to regular changes, you can check Thailand tourism updates from the head office of the Thailand Tourism Authority on our COVID-19 page.

Countries May Enter
Samui + | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Samui Plus Model | Koh Tao Tourism Association

How to get to Koh Tao by plane, train, or bus on domestic and international routes. Discover the fastest and cheapest ways to travel to Koh Tao.

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