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Solo Trevallers

Koh Tao is a safe, welcoming, and affordable destination for solo travelers, and there are many ways to meet new friends and travel buddies.

As one of the most popular destinations in Thailand for backpackers, Koh Tao attracts more than its fair share of solo travelers.

 You may arrive solo, but with so many opportunities for adventures and partying, it’s unlikely you’ll stay that way for long! Thanks to the welcoming and social atmosphere on the island, most visitors find it easy to get out and about and meet people, often leading to amazing experiences and the making of lifelong friends and a network of new travel buddies.

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BBQ in Sairee Beach
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Night Life

Sociable Accommodation

If you want to meet new people, then social accommodations like hostels are your best bet. Dorm rooms provide a constant flow of new roomies for you to chat, chill, and explore with. Many hostels have on-site bars and cafes, making it easy to hang out with other travelers. Some even organize additional events like hiking trips, beach days, pub crawls, games nights, and live music, so there is always plenty of fun to be had.

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Activities and Events

There is always something going on on Koh Tao, and if you sign up for an adventure or course, you’re bound to meet a bunch of like-minded people. Group activities like scuba diving courses, Thai cooking workshops, rock climbing trips, and trapeze sessions are a great way to meet people with similar interests. Regular events like quiz nights and karaoke sessions are also a fun way to expand your social circle, and if your timing is right, you could even be here for one of Koh Tao’s famous festivals. Sunset is one of the most social times of the day on Koh Tao, so even just popping into one of the beach bars and joining a table is likely to make you a heap more friends for you to have fun with during your stay.

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After Morning Dives

You may arrive on Koh Tao solo, but you’ll rarely stay that way for long.


Koh Tao is safe for solo travelers. All of the main village areas are well lit, including the walking street that runs parallel to the beach. The crime rate on Koh Tao is low, and while it’s not necessarily ideal, it’s fairly standard practice for tourists to leave their belongings on the beach while they go for a swim or snorkel. There are several stories of phones and bags being accidentally left at beaches, bars, and restaurants only to be found several hours later precisely as they were! We do have active tourist police and regular police teams who are on hand to help if you have any problems, but most visitors do not need to use them.

Solo Trevaller | Koh Tao Tourism Association

Koh Tao is safe for solo travelers.

Visit the best beaches on Koh Tao. Swim in crystal clear waters, sink into white sands, soak up the sun, and relax surrounded by nature.

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