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Cafes on Koh Tao

Cafes on Koh Tao have it all. Strong coffees, fresh juices, light bites, hearty breakfasts, and a variety of veggie and vegan delights await.

If you didn’t think of Koh Tao as a center for café culture before, you soon will! You can’t go more than a couple of hundred meters on the island without stumbling over a stellar café. And the food quality…superb! Choose from traditional and western breakfasts, delicious wraps and sandwiches, homemade treats and snacks, and pair with a fresh juice or shake.  One thing’s for sure –  you’ll find no shortage of excellent cafes on Koh Tao for all your daytime needs. 

Credit: Factory Cafe
Cafe Culture | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Credit: Factory Cafe
Cafe Culture | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Credit : The Terrace

Traditional Cafes

There is a range of traditional and western cafes scattered across the island. Whether you want a Thai noodle soup to get you going in the morning, a light Mediterranean breakfast, or a greasy fry-up, Koh Tao has you covered.

Healthy Options

A number of cafes on Koh Tao specialize in healthy food. Homemade kombucha, powerballs, salads, and smoothy bowls are just a few of the options for those who want a big hit of flavor, but without the extra holiday calories. 

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Vegan and Vegetarian

A handful of cafes on Koh Tao dedicate their menus to vegetarian and vegan food. They don’t just offer veggie takes on regular meat dishes, though. Creative menu items to tickle your taste buds include quesadillas, wraps, falafels, tostadas, and tacos.

Sweet Tooth

Dessert lovers needn’t feel left out. Many cafes on Koh Tao offer sweet treats like puddings, cheesecakes, banana breads, and cookies as a standalone treat or accompaniment to your meal. There’s even a couple of businesses dedicated solely to cakes and ice cream.

Dive into nature and go hiking on Koh Tao to discover hidden beauty, secret beaches, and stunning secluded viewpoints.

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