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What Do Things Cost on Koh Tao?

Budget for your holiday on Koh Tao with this helpful list of typical costs for accommodation, food, drinks, activities, and more.

Everyone wants to get the best value for money, and there are some great deals to be found here. The island offers options to suit every budget, so follow this list of prices on Koh Tao to help budget for your dream stay.

Prices on Koh Tao are incredibly reasonable. Things cost a little more than on the mainland due to shipping and delivery fees, but are not as expensive than on the neighboring islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

Paddle Boarding | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Paddle Boarding
Koh Ngan Yuan Viewpoint | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Koh Ngan Yuan Viewpoint
Green Curry | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Thai Food

Accommodation Costs

From backpacking to flashpacking, accommodation on Koh Tao includes options to suit every taste and include hostels, bungalows, hotel rooms, and villas. Prices fluctuate between high and low seasons, but average costs are:

      • Hostel fan dorm – 200-450THB per night
      • Hostel AC dorm – 400-600THB per night
      • Budget fan bungalow or hotel room – 500-800THB per night
      • Budget AC bungalow or hotel room – 800-1200THB per night
      • Mid-range AC bungalow or hotel room – 1200-2000THB per night
      • High-end resort AC bungalow or room – 2000-5000THB per night
      • Private Villa – 5000THB+ per night
Divers arriving on the beach | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Sairee Beach

Koh Tao is one of the cheapest and safest places in the world to learn to scuba dive.

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Food Prices

There are so many options for eating on Koh Tao that you could easily try a different café or restaurant every day for a month and not get bored! A true foodies paradise, there are options to suit every craving.

Snacks – You can pick up fried snacks from street stalls, toasties from Seven Eleven, and sweet-tooth treats from mobile donut and ice cream vendors, all for about 20-50THB per item.

Thai Food – If you buy from street stalls, you can pick up a meal for under 100THB, but if you prefer to sit in a traditional Thai restaurant, expect to pay 100-150THB for a meal including a main and rice.  

Café Culture – There are many fantastic cafes on Koh Tao offering simple breakfasts, sandwiches, wraps, and snacks with prices starting as low as 80THB.


Food Prices | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Bans - Sairee Beach

Western Food – Pastas and salads start at around 180THB, while pizzas and burgers cost between 200-250THB on average. More expensive options like ribs and steak will set you back between 350-500THB.

Fine Dining – Appetizer and tapas plates cost between 80 and 140THB, mains between 250-400THB, and desserts around 150THB.

Drinks Prices

You can buy drinks for your fridge from local convenience stores and supermarkets and pay 20-30THB less per item than the prices quoted below. If you are staying long-term, you can even order in bulk for delivery. Many bars and restaurants offer happy hour specials, but average drinks prices are as follows:

      • Water – 20-40THB (small/large)
      • Soda Water – 20-30THB
      • Soft drinks: 30-40THB
      • Coffee – 30-90THB (Espresso, Americano, Flat White, Cappuccino)
      • Beer – 80-120THB (small/large)
      • Spirit & Mixer: 100-120THB for bottom shelf, 140-180THB for higher-end brands.
      • Cocktails – 120-250THB

Scuba Diving Prices

The Koh Tao Dive Operators Club sets minimum prices for scuba diving activities to ensure fair competition and positive business practices around the island. So whatever operator you choose, you should expect to pay about the same for your fun dive trips and courses.

Scuba Diving Prices | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Scuba Diving sby Allie Vautin
      • Fun diving – 800-1000THB
      • Discover Scuba diving – 2,500THB
      • Open Water Diver – 11,000THB
      • Advanced Diver – 10,000THB
      • Rescue Diver – 10,000THB
      • Divemaster – 30,000THB
      • Instructor – 40,000THB

Please note that training materials and certification fees are not included in the price of professional-level courses.

Transport Costs

There are no car hire operators on Koh Tao, so visitors need to choose between walking, taking taxis, or hiring a moped to get around the island.

Walking – It is possible to travel short distances on foot. Walking streets run alongside the beach in Sairee and Mae Haad make avoiding traffic easy. But do beware of the heat – long hikes in the sun are not for the faint-hearted!

Taxi Cabs – Taxis are abundant on Koh Tao, but unfortunately are not favorably priced. A one-way fare from Mae Haad to Sairee is 400THB per trip, and longer journeys across the island are 800-1000THB.

Moped Hire – This is the most economical mode of transport. Rental is generally around 200THB per day, and to fill the tank costs 100THB or less.

Longtail boats in Sairee Beach | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Longtail boats in Sairee Beach

Longtail Taxis – To hire a longtail boat for a full day around island trip is about 1500THB. Water taxis for shorter distances between bays and across to Koh NangYuan Island cost around 400-600THB. hour

Other Activities

While we can’t list everything, these are the average prices for other popular activities on Koh Tao.

Other Activities | Koh Tao Tourism Association
Sairee Beach
      • Snorkel Tours – From 850THB per person
      • Yoga – 300THB per session
      • Massage – 300THB per hour
      •  Thai Cooking Class – 1500THB per person
      • Stand Up Paddle Boarding – From 150THB per hour
      • Flying Trapeze – Lessons from 750THB
      • Rock Climbing – 1000+ (dependent on experience and equipment required)

How to get to Koh Tao by plane, train, or bus on domestic and international routes. Discover the fastest and cheapest ways to travel to Koh Tao.

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